2 Quick Tips – QR Code Marketing for Short Sale Prospects

As you launch more of your marketing for short sales, the constant drive to increase lead count and conversion rate might seem challenging. When there is money to be made in a market competition increases. The only way to remain on top with your lead generation and sales efforts is to constantly differentiate your business.

You can differentiate yourself in many ways, and most won’t cost you a fortune. Especially when you have a base of marketing already in place (ie. letters, postcards, websites, signs, etc) you can often just make small changes to your existing marketing that will improve your conversion rates.

One of the latest methods of using the power of mobile marketing with your efforts for getting short sale prospects calling you is through the use of QR-Codes. QR Codes were once used primarily for industrial applications and now with the power of Smart Phones they are taking on an entirely new aspect. QR Codes allow you to “embed” data on an image and when a prospect “looks” at that image using their phone it can provide them more information in an instant!

Consider the following methods for your short sale marketing efforts.

QR Code on Open House Flyers – Consider placing QR Codes on your open house flyers. Especially when you are listing a short sale home in a neighborhood where you want more business, you can put them on your flyer to help the prospect learn more about how they too could have their home sold. When they scan your code have it go to a focused landing page on your site that shares about MORE than just the home you are holding open. Have it share how a short sale can be done AND how if they call or optin for help you can help them start the process in minutes.
QR Code, Direct to Video – You can direct a QR Code to different types of media. With video becoming more and more popular on mobile phones, consider directing your code to a video. The video could share about the challenges of selling a home that has no equity, how you can get the bank to stop calling, and how with just a simple phone call (hey they are on their phone) that you can help save them from the frustration of dealing with the bank.
QR Codes can be a valuable part of your marketing when used consistently to pique interest and generate leads. Put them into action today to help you generate more eager short sale prospects.

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