Types of Marketing Jobs

There are many various types of marketing jobs available. Here is a basic outline of the most common positions.

Account Director or Supervisor: administer client relationships with an agency. This person delivers presentations to potential clients. They also Supervise the account managers. Qualities like great interpersonal, customer service and organizational and communications skills are required.

Account Executive: gives dairy link with the clients to be sure of successful and timely. Help clients to create strategy and secure all the business.

Account Manager or Senior Account Executive: creates the strategy, organizes, direct and applies publicity campaigns. S/he confers with management to know the publicity needs and determine objective and establish annual financial plan. Directs creative and production of the advertisement (media establish timing and calculate costs. Supervise account executives.

Assistant Marketing Manager: is the assistant of the marketing manager. Help in budding and apply marketing goals. Direct market research and coordinate, the creative and production teams, to realize promotional materials. Need effective communication and directorial skills.

Brand or Product Manager: makes the strategy, direct and apply brand and marketing publicity for a particular product or business. The manager ask about market requirements and product features to improvement teams

Copy Editor: edit the written material to publish it by correcting it of spelling and grammar. Editor need to have a detail eye and knowledge of grammar and spelling.

Copywriter: develop and writes concepts for a publicity campaigns. S/he reproduces promotional materials for internal and external. Develops materials such as scripts, print or web projects, reports, and speeches.

Event or Trade Show Manager: creates and directs events for a company. The manager work with corporate marketing and public relations department. His or her job is to identifying event locations; developing budgets for functions; acquiring event permits; securing speakers, products for display and promotional giveaways; overseeing set up and tear down of demo booths; ensuring availability of proper equipment and supplies; booking hotel or conference rooms; and coordinating activities

Event or Trade Show Coordinator: helps the trade show manager with all the organization of the event.

Junior Account Executive: gives support to account services department. Her or his jobs are research of business news opportunities, tracking projects and providing assisting managers.

MarCom Manager: direct promotional and marketing strategy for product or company. S/he creates promotional marketing materials and organizes marketing programs schedules. This manager supervises all marketing communications.

Marketing Manager: direct all the activities of the marketing department. These managers require having finest communication, organizational, analytical and managerial skills.

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