What is higher in protein? Seafood or meats?

The answer to this question is a little complicated. Meats, such as beef or chicken, are typically higher in protein than seafood. However, there are some types of seafood that are very high in protein such as tuna, salmon, and sardines. In general, meats have more total grams of protein per serving than seafood, but, when you look at the percentage of protein by weight, seafood can be just as good as meat or even better according to any fish export company in Sri Lanka or elsewhere. This is because seafood contains more essential amino acids than most meats do.

In addition, seafood also has other nutrients that are beneficial for health. These include Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for heart health, and selenium, a mineral that is good for the immune system. Selenium is also a powerful antioxidant. So, overall seafood has more nutrients than most meats do. This means that it can be a healthier choice for people who want to increase their protein intake.

There are some disadvantages to eating seafood, however. According to tuna and swordfish suppliers, seafood can be more expensive than meat and it can also be difficult to find sustainable sources of seafood. There have also been cases of mercury poisoning from eating too much seafood. For these reasons, people who eat seafood should make sure they choose varieties that are low in mercury and avoid fish that are high in contaminants like PCB for example.

Red meats have also been known to have certain nutrients that are beneficial to human health. For example, beef is a good source of zinc and iron. It is also a good source of vitamin B12, which is important for the function of the brain and nervous system.

So, what’s the verdict? Seafood definitely has its benefits when it comes to protein content. If you want a good source of high-quality protein, try incorporating some seafood into your daily diet. It could be one of the best decisions you ever made.

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How These 3 Industries Can Ease Delivery Process?

Want to replace the tricky mail services? Want to avoid late deliveries, lost or damaged parcels, etc., for your Magento store orders? If the answers to these questions are yes, then Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension can help you to streamline the delivery operations. This extension will help in enabling hassle-free communication, real-time tracking, finding the best routes, etc., to get your delivery on time. Let us see how it helps different industries with its different features.

E-Commerce Industry
As we know, the e-commerce industry is one of the thriving industries, with 12-24 million online stores today. No matter how fascinating these numbers look, they also alarm competition. And to cope up with the competitions, you can concentrate on solving the most tricky part of any order – delivery. On-time deliveries and constant tracking updates are two factors many companies fail to supply. On-time deliveries can even reduce the chances of shopping cart abandonment. In 2020, when the demand for all online services was at its peak, the global cart abandonment rate was 94.4%. Why? Because of improper delivery management.

However, you do not need to worry about this as with a delivery date scheduler; you can provide your customers with better delivery services. With this scheduler, they can choose their convenient date and time of delivery. They can even add any instructive notes like a call before delivery, deliver it to neighbors, etc. On the contrary, the admin can mention the company’s delivery policies like accepting five days delivery, holiday notices, same-day deliveries until 5 pm, etc. This way, both admin and customer can get the convenience of date and time.

Groceries Delivery
Who wants to go grocery shopping and spend a weekend morning in some supermall? No one, right? Thus people prefer ordering anything online, including groceries from anywhere, anytime, and enjoy receiving home deliveries on their desired date and time. And talking about groceries, we know how online grocery-shopping trends are rapidly taking over physical grocery shopping. And having an online grocery store works the best in hard times, such as COVID.

But have you imagined how messed up your schedule can be if you don’t have a delivery date manager? Conversely, let us say how well managed your schedule can be with the delivery date manager. Let me stop confusing you and explain it through an example.

For instance, you have sent your delivery person to deliver ordered groceries. The delivery person finds out that the customer is unavailable to take the order, then what? It will generally take a whole other process to reach that customer for obtaining delivery details, or at the end, you will need to cancel the order. And eventually, this will result in the waste of your delivery person’s time and your grocery supplies.

But with Magento 2 order delivery date extension, this situation can be a bit different. In such scenarios where customers make urgent plans, they can simply reschedule their deliveries before a few minutes and hours (as defined by the admin). They can add the date and time as per their convenience resulting in no loss for anyone. Additionally, admin and customers can track the deliveries in real-time. Giant companies like Instacart use delivery solutions for grocery deliveries.

Manufacturing Industry
For manufacturing industries, delivering raw materials on time is essential. A single delay in delivery can hinder the entire production process resulting in a delay of final delivery. But the delivery date scheduler can help you to deliver the raw materials on time.

With this extension, your customers (retailers/wholesalers) can easily pre-order their delivery by setting the date and time of their convenience and tracking it in real-time. As an admin, you can maintain delivery records of every order with the customer’s name, items purchased, and the delivery person. How? With a smart admin dashboard. You can filter these records and check all the delivery details for any order anytime. This all helps you to manage delivery staff, their vehicles, and material supply according to the requirement.

You can even configure the order processing time and product costs. Also, removing shipping charges for specific products is possible.

Installing Magento 2 Delivery Date Services can help in increasing customer satisfaction for your company. Magento 2 order delivery date scheduler can raise the engagement and sales stats. On-time deliveries can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can manage your deliveries more effectively with delivery lead time. Through the delivery date manager, the delivery person can access all the customer’s details. Details from name to transaction amount can be accessed through the mobile phone itself. There are facilities like barcode scan payments too.

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What is farmed seafood?

According to fish processing companies, farmed seafood is seafood that is raised in a controlled environment, such as in tanks or ponds. This can be done on land or at sea. Farmed seafood has become increasingly popular in recent years as the world’s population grows and demand for seafood increases.

There are pros and cons to farmed seafood. On the plus side, it can help alleviate pressure on wild fisheries. It also offers an alternative to people who might not have access to fresh seafood. Farmed seafood tends to be cheaper than wild-caught fish because there is less risk involved in producing it.

On the downside, there are environmental concerns with farmed seafood. Some fish farms can create pollution and harm local ecosystems. Farmed seafood can also be less healthy than wild-caught fish, as it may contain antibiotics and other chemicals. While there are some farms that use sustainable methods such as aquaculture, there are other farms that can cause harm to the oceans and environment, which in the long run can be very harmful to humans. For example, a fish farm might produce pollution from excess food or waste material being released into water sources where wild animals depend on it for survival. There have been cases of these materials being poisonous enough not only to kill many animals but also lead to human fatalities. In fact, this happened back in 2015 when over 100 tons of tuna were caught dead near one Japanese port due to disease-causing bacteria originating from a nearby farm’s wastewater pipe.

The antibiotics and chemicals in farmed fish could cause certain people, such as pregnant women and children, to be at risk for health complications, which is why most seafood exporters in Sri Lanka prefer fresh caught fish to farmed ones.

In the end, whether or not to eat farmed seafood is a personal decision. If you are comfortable with the risks involved, then go ahead and try some, but always keep environmental concerns in mind when making your choices.

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Can LeadNetPro Be Your Solution to Cost Effective Marketing?

With a price tag of only $397 one time and $19.95 per month to maintain your software license, LedNetPro can generate an unlimited amount of leads for just about any industry including but not limited to: insurance, real estate, restaurant, mortgage, network marketing, mlm and direct sales. Any professional business person knows that the cost of acquiring new business can be very expensive, especially when using methods such as PPC, direct mail and print media.

LeadNetPro is a business to business tool that extracts buyer leads and allows users to upload the leads from a csv file to a voice broadcasting platform that’s capable of contacting thousands upon thousands of people with the push of a button. LeadNetPro members can blast their message out to thousands of people within minutes for the low cost of 1.8 cents per minute, .9 cents for a 30 second call meaning 1000 people can be reached for nine dollars.

There are many ways to use LeadNetPro effectively. Let’s say you own a gutter cleaning business and would like to develop customers in your local market, all you would need to do is a local search in your home town using craigslist or backpage, look for anything that has to do with property, extract the leads and send a phone broadcast message that explains what it is you do. One job could be worth ten times the cost of the LNP software.

It’s common for home based business professionals, affiliate and internet marketers to generate loads of targeted traffic to their sites by recoding a short message that directs customers to their sells pages, this automates the process and many time people buy without any contact with the seller.

Another very effective LeadNetPro funnel that can be used is to simply get a few thousand leads together, record a compelling 30 second message that sends prospects to a voice mail to leave their name and phone number only if interested in your offer. This method can save you a lot of time and assure you only talk to serious people, not tire kickers.

LeadNetPro can also be used to help local shops and markets such as pizza and auto part stores bring in more business. Independent LNP members simply approach the person in charge and ask if they would be interested in increasing orders, if the answer is yes the LNP member can do a free test drive by extracting leads in the surrounding area and blasting a short message out about the Companies daily special. Once the company sees that the service is a cost effective marketing solution a package price can be set and more business can be done.

Considering the fact that LeadNetPro is not the only company offering these services, in my research it was the most cost effective and offered great training and support for its software. At the end of the day it’s not just about what you spend marketing but also about what you save.

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2 Essential Direct Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Marketing involves the process of finding the best way to inform consumers about a businesses product or service. Advertising is a part of this process, and is a necessary element for both big and small businesses.

Unfortunately, for a small business, their budget does not extend as far as a bigger company, so the obvious methods of advertising, such as media campaigns via television or radio, or simply out of reach. Instead a small business needs to be more creative with their approach. From giving out shopping bags with printed logos to handing out flyers on a street corner, there are many different marketing avenues for a small business to explore.

1. Get your name out there

The most important thing is for a small business to get their business name circulating. If television and radio ads are too expensive there are other methods of informing consumers about products. Print ads are effective and can vary greatly in price to suit any budget.

From advertising in the local newspaper, in magazines or taking out an ad in the local directory, most small businesses will pay for some sort of printed advertisement. It is important to make sure that your name and contact details are on every piece of correspondence leaving your company.

Have invoices printed with your business details, send out written correspondence on company letterhead and get envelopes to match. Stickers and stamps are great and should be put on the outside of all out going mail as people will read this first. Postcards are an effective marketing tool, and being bigger than a business card are more noticeable but are small enough for people to easily to take one and keep. The more attractive your postcard the more likely someone is to hang on to it.

2. Be creative

A small business needs to use more than one method of advertising for their marketing to be successful. There is no single method that works for every business so it is often a matter of trial and error, so make sure you ask for feedback from existing clients.

For a small business without the marketing budget of a big company being creative with your advertising can often be the key to success. Try using a buddy system to market your products. Team up with a business selling a complimentary product and when you send out a brochure or flyer include one of theirs. They will then do the same for you and as a result your name will reach a much larger audience. Try sending out a newsletter to existing clients to keep them informed of sales or new products. It has been shown that it costs more to advertise to new potential customers than to existing ones, so work on gaining repeat sales. If a mail out is too expensive then use email to send out your newsletter to those who subscribe to your website.

The Internet is a powerful marketing tool, so make sure your business has a website. Many people shop exclusively online nowadays and your business could even offer online sales. Social networking sites are becoming great ways to advertise for free, as well as keep in contact with your clients, which makes your business more approachable, shows customers the face behind the product, and can help increase sales.

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The Greatest 12 Direct Tactics To Upgrade Your Promotions And Marketing With QR Codes

What in the world are QR codes?

A QR Code is short for “quick response” it’s a barcode created for cell phones to check. Discovered in Japan and broke into the European zone a while ago. These codes are actually commanding lots of press within the USA. Scenes similar to NY city are by now putting into effect tiny bits of code into their advertising campaigns. You could have observed them on the subways. Regions like LA, CA are using them on print advertisings plus garments.

They’re very simple to use

Picture them this way. They perform very much like your teller scans your groceries. The handgun reader that she uses tells the computer the amount of your loaf of toast will be. QR codes work precisely the same. Whenever you get a hold of the free of charge software program for your mobile phone it will now scan the QR code. Yet, it’s extra than just a simple bits of content. It could also contain links to sites, photos, instructions to your site and so much more to add to your promoting purpose.

Underneath are twelve ways you can begin to execute QR codes into your promoting.
Additionally, you will find a link to a how to video on how to produce QR codes them in the resource sections of this article.

1. Written Message
Contain a note you need to convey your buyers. QR codes will allow you to write a note so that when shoppers read their phones it is possible to transmit them a unique memo.

2. Web site URL
You can have include a link to your organization site. This is likely one of the intelligent ways to include your shoppers come across you online without needing to form an extended internet site name. You can even forward links to customized services or products that you will be endorsing.

3. Phone Number
Have your visitors enclose all your records to your enterprise in a snap. Your chief business all in one tiny QR code note. It is an easy technique for the customer to instantly keep your contact info for their mobile device.

4. SMS message
This is among the exciting tactics a company proprietor can use QR codes. Business be capable of link a text memo to transmit particular promotion as well as coupons directly to their visitors. As an example, a cafe vendor shows their code by the furniture. potential consumers then check the codes which sends them to a SMS communication. It shoots them to text Pizza to some number. This can robotically add this client to a file. Anytime the business owner desires to run a particular he can send out a mass SMS to particular people. This one method alone has reported a 50% slash in marketing and a rise of 20% in revenue.

5. Communication Information
It’s also possible to embed your clients statistics like vcards to on to your buyers.

Promoting a happening at your organization. Contain your shopper check their cellphones and send them all the details about any nearby event!

7.Google GPS Maps
Driving to your organization is really a breeze with these QR codes. Include links to Google Maps. You can even contain links to numerous locations as well.

8. Bring Customers To Your Wifi
Once this tiny QR code is check the cell phone will advise an individual of the user name and password for a wifi connection.

9. PayPal Button
If you are promotion a device on-line then you can forward visitors directly to your PayPal Key.

10. Social Media Links
Enclose your visitors find you in Facebook, Digg, et cetera. Staying united simply got a whole lot quicker.

11. iTunes Link
Promoting a song. You’ll be able to convey your customers immediately to your favorite iTunes link.

12. Favorite YouTube Link
You can also advertise a tips on how to video or several video that you like your potential customers to see about your company.

There is no such thing as a boundary to where one might place these QR codes. You can engrave them on top of mugs, t-shirts, business cards, and so on.

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LinkedIn Marketing Secrets to Sky Rocket Your Business in 2011

Utilizing LinkedIn marketing secrets can sky rocket your business in 2011 and prove to be the difference between where your business is now and where you see your business in the near future.

You may have heard the old time tested truth, which states “Your Net-Worth will be a direct reflection of your Network”. Industry leaders understand this truth, and they also know and understand the power of LinkedIn.

Unlike Facebook, or MySpace, LinkedIn is a site for professional networking, and according to recent studies, LinkedIn, has more real “power professionals” with massive influence in their vocation than any other site on the web.

Investing your time to learn how to properly implement LinkedIn Marketing Secrets into your business, gives you the cutting edge that you need to align yourself with the proper network for your business, product, or service fast.

So how can you take advantage of LinkedIn to sky rocket your business, increase your network exponentially, thus increasing your net-worth?

3 Proven Sure Fire Ways to Exploit LinkedIn Marketing Secrets Today!

• Display Leadership! – Just don’t sign up, rather sign up and take charge. Do something! Most people will sign up with LinkedIn and go through the “normal” ways that LinkedIn offers to “get the word out”, and make a presence. This can’t be you, get in and get creative. Don’t wait for prospects to come to you – go to them!

• Engage! Engage with others immediately. Get noticed! The sooner the better. You MUST show yourself a leader in your industry. People need leaders and moreover, they are seeking leaders right now. Step up to the plate and be counted. It will transform your influence, thus your business.

• Take Advantage of LinkedIn Groups! Think outside the box. Your primary industry has niches, and sub niches within it. Find groups within your primary industry, also, within the niches and sub niches, and join them. Contribute value to the group. Direct them to viable resources (your own), place your leadership directly in their face with the intent to help them accomplish more of what they want.

When MySpace was the Facebook some years ago, I predicted to a small group of marketers that Facebook was the up and coming MySpace.

I saw the raw power of MySpace marketing. However, I didn’t want to personally be associated with the stigma which came with MySpace back then.

I simply went to Alexa, to look for other leading social networking sites, at the time Facebook was barely on the map in comparison to MySpace.

I opened my first Facebook account then. Although I knew Facebook would soon take the place of MySpace, I had no idea that Facebook would mature to what it is today.

Right now, LinkedIn is the most powerful, most overlooked social network on the planet.

Again, I predict that as LinkedIn matures, the demand for LinkedIn Marketing Secrets will grow exponentially across all industries globally.

Those who see this now, and take advantage of the raw networking Power of LinkedIn will be light years ahead of those who are less fortunate.

LinkedIn makes it too easy to target your audience, become a leader in their eyes, and stamp your brand in their subconscious minds naturally.

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Niche Marketing – How To Make Money Online At Home In Just A Click Of A Button With Email Marketing

Email marketing is one form of direct marketing which uses the electronic mailing system to communicate with potential or current customers. In the online niche market business, this is regarded as one of the most important strategy to maintain the relationship with your mailing list and to directly promote your product to the recipient.

You treat the subscribers from your mailing list as VIPs as they could be converted from readers to potential customers. When neglected or not treated watchfully, subscribers could possibly choose to unsubscribe and this will directly affect the number of prospects for future product launching. Here, I am writing a few guidelines of how to successfully implement the email marketing strategy to communicate with your subscribers and ensure their loyalty.

1.)Following up with autoresponder

To keep your subscribers happy and satisfied, you should constantly communicate and follow up with them upon subscribing to your mailing list or upon purchasing your product. Good follow up services will leave a good impression and show your appreciation to the subscribers. One recommended follow up Autoresponder software to use is AWeber.

2.)Broadcast emailing

The difference of broadcast emails to follow up emails is that a broadcast is sent to the whole lot of your subscribers in one batch (2-3 times a week), instead of the succession of emails that are being sent to all or targeted subscribers. Broadly, broadcast email could be categorised into two groups:

a.)Promotion email

As explained from the title, this email is aimed to promote products carried under your marketing scope, which could well include existing products, future products or affiliate products. To make it more attractive, discounts and bonuses are quite often included in the promotion email.

b.)Content email

Alternatively, this email consists of informative contents (Writings, Audio or Video) that you provide to your subscribers to keep them updated. The contents could be a self-produced informative publication or taken elsewhere from webpages like YouTube, EzineArticles and BlogSearch.


It is often heard that “the money is in the list” which is very true. By having your own mailing list, you can rest assure that you will have a long term internet business that generates income for you whenever you send out a promotion email. The bigger and responsive list you have, the more money you can make with just a click of a button.

I do hope this article had been useful to you and spark your interest to join the proven online money-making industry with Internet niche marketing.

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Network Marketing Success – It Is Not A Straight Line

I just arrived back from a major internet / network marketing event and I took some time to really reflect on my experiences. I was thinking of all the people I got to meet and absorb all the information from the presenters on stage. One of the major things I noticed as speaker after speaker came onto the stage to address the crowd that they all had different stories but the also had a few things in common.

One of the first things I noticed was that most of them were saying that they really shouldn’t be up on stage. You see they all came from different backgrounds and most of them were borderline poverty. So what was it that changed for them you might wonder? Well, after looking at different successes in my own life, I came to realize that success is not a straight line and it actually comes in cycles.

You start your journey with nothing but ambition and a predetermined goal that you want to accomplish something great in your lifetime. You may or may not even know what that is until you are on that path and it reveals itself to you. You might start in the direction you desire to go but unforeseen events happen to unfold right before your eyes and guide you in a different direction. So you may go off course a little from your original plan. Now this could be the ultimate direction you may want to go and if you fight it, you could wind up spending lots of time fighting an up hill battle.

I believe that every single person is destined for greatness in their lives but most never find that true calling and are trying to control where their life ultimately goes. Instead of tightening your grip on the future, I have discovered that if you can let go of the preconceived notion of what you consider to be success, than success will find you.

Success is a learning process, not just about the skills you need to attain the success you want in your life. Much of the learning is really about you. See many people want to attain certain goals in their lives and reach certain income levels but some are not ready or responsible enough to receive it. I know that 5 years ago, if I would have had the success I experience today, I would have gotten myself into a lot of trouble. So it’s a good thing that I had to go through my own cycle of success to understand why I couldn’t achieve what I set out to accomplish at the time.

So success is not a straight line. Rather it’s a series of experiences that send you back and forth, banging your head up against several walls. Each wall that you run into may seem like it’s a dead-end, but it is there to redirect you and guide you to where you need to go in order to continue on your journey and provide you clues as to what you need to work on. If you work twice as hard on yourself as you do in your business, it’s only a matter of time before your external reality aligns your internal reality.

In network marketing, a good example of this might be that you want to start doing your own presentations or webinars. With marker or laptop in hand, you feel jitters start going up and down your spine and when you open your mouth nothing comes out or you stutter, mumble and fumble through the whole presentation. After that experience you now understand that you need to learn how to give a good presentation and practice over and over. You might decide to read a book or take a course on public speaking to further hone in those skills.

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The Stages Of Marketing And Consumer Buying

Are you currently struggling to make ends meet in your business? Maybe it’s because of your lack of understanding of how customers buy. You see most marketing books show you have to get prospects to your place of business. But what most books don’t show you is how to capitalize on your prospects thoughts in order to close the sale more quickly.

The bottom line is that your customers are looking for different things in each stage of the marketing process. For example, the first thing that your prospects are dying for is to find a solution to their problem. To know how they feel, you have to do some homework. Go online and search in forums or newsgroups to see what your prospects are saying. This is way better than sitting around and doing nothing.

After you know what their problem is, it’s time to propose a solution for your prospects. Obviously you want to position your stance in a way that shows much favor for your product or service. Be careful not to be pushy, because your prospects won’t hang around for that. Generate a lead instead of trying to close the sale in your ads. Your prospects aren’t ready to buy right now, which is why you want to stay in their eyes by sending them helpful tips and advice on a monthly basis.

After you’ve done these two things, it’s time to finalize the sale. Be sure to offer a strong money back guarantee (and the longer the guarantee the better), and be available for any questions that your customers may have. After the sale is made is when “buyer remorse” starts to kick in, so you want to do whatever you can to eliminate this from their minds.

After you’ve kept your customer for about a month or so, send them promotional materials that are geared to get them to buy more. Your customers really do want to build a relationship with you, so you should take it into your hands to form a relationship with your customers.

Today’s cost of direct mail make it seem like an unattractive option, but there is one form of direct mail advertising that can help bring a “personal” feel between you and your customers. The form of direct mail that I am referring to is a postcard. Postcards are personal, informative, and best of all… cheap.

It costs considerably less than a full mailing piece, and it’s a great way to personalize the relationship with your customers. If you can do this, then I’m confident that you can build tremendous relationships with your customers.

Take these tips and use them to have much success in your business.

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