Can LeadNetPro Be Your Solution to Cost Effective Marketing?

With a price tag of only $397 one time and $19.95 per month to maintain your software license, LedNetPro can generate an unlimited amount of leads for just about any industry including but not limited to: insurance, real estate, restaurant, mortgage, network marketing, mlm and direct sales. Any professional business person knows that the cost of acquiring new business can be very expensive, especially when using methods such as PPC, direct mail and print media.

LeadNetPro is a business to business tool that extracts buyer leads and allows users to upload the leads from a csv file to a voice broadcasting platform that’s capable of contacting thousands upon thousands of people with the push of a button. LeadNetPro members can blast their message out to thousands of people within minutes for the low cost of 1.8 cents per minute, .9 cents for a 30 second call meaning 1000 people can be reached for nine dollars.

There are many ways to use LeadNetPro effectively. Let’s say you own a gutter cleaning business and would like to develop customers in your local market, all you would need to do is a local search in your home town using craigslist or backpage, look for anything that has to do with property, extract the leads and send a phone broadcast message that explains what it is you do. One job could be worth ten times the cost of the LNP software.

It’s common for home based business professionals, affiliate and internet marketers to generate loads of targeted traffic to their sites by recoding a short message that directs customers to their sells pages, this automates the process and many time people buy without any contact with the seller.

Another very effective LeadNetPro funnel that can be used is to simply get a few thousand leads together, record a compelling 30 second message that sends prospects to a voice mail to leave their name and phone number only if interested in your offer. This method can save you a lot of time and assure you only talk to serious people, not tire kickers.

LeadNetPro can also be used to help local shops and markets such as pizza and auto part stores bring in more business. Independent LNP members simply approach the person in charge and ask if they would be interested in increasing orders, if the answer is yes the LNP member can do a free test drive by extracting leads in the surrounding area and blasting a short message out about the Companies daily special. Once the company sees that the service is a cost effective marketing solution a package price can be set and more business can be done.

Considering the fact that LeadNetPro is not the only company offering these services, in my research it was the most cost effective and offered great training and support for its software. At the end of the day it’s not just about what you spend marketing but also about what you save.

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