How These 3 Industries Can Ease Delivery Process?

Want to replace the tricky mail services? Want to avoid late deliveries, lost or damaged parcels, etc., for your Magento store orders? If the answers to these questions are yes, then Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension can help you to streamline the delivery operations. This extension will help in enabling hassle-free communication, real-time tracking, finding the best routes, etc., to get your delivery on time. Let us see how it helps different industries with its different features.

E-Commerce Industry
As we know, the e-commerce industry is one of the thriving industries, with 12-24 million online stores today. No matter how fascinating these numbers look, they also alarm competition. And to cope up with the competitions, you can concentrate on solving the most tricky part of any order – delivery. On-time deliveries and constant tracking updates are two factors many companies fail to supply. On-time deliveries can even reduce the chances of shopping cart abandonment. In 2020, when the demand for all online services was at its peak, the global cart abandonment rate was 94.4%. Why? Because of improper delivery management.

However, you do not need to worry about this as with a delivery date scheduler; you can provide your customers with better delivery services. With this scheduler, they can choose their convenient date and time of delivery. They can even add any instructive notes like a call before delivery, deliver it to neighbors, etc. On the contrary, the admin can mention the company’s delivery policies like accepting five days delivery, holiday notices, same-day deliveries until 5 pm, etc. This way, both admin and customer can get the convenience of date and time.

Groceries Delivery
Who wants to go grocery shopping and spend a weekend morning in some supermall? No one, right? Thus people prefer ordering anything online, including groceries from anywhere, anytime, and enjoy receiving home deliveries on their desired date and time. And talking about groceries, we know how online grocery-shopping trends are rapidly taking over physical grocery shopping. And having an online grocery store works the best in hard times, such as COVID.

But have you imagined how messed up your schedule can be if you don’t have a delivery date manager? Conversely, let us say how well managed your schedule can be with the delivery date manager. Let me stop confusing you and explain it through an example.

For instance, you have sent your delivery person to deliver ordered groceries. The delivery person finds out that the customer is unavailable to take the order, then what? It will generally take a whole other process to reach that customer for obtaining delivery details, or at the end, you will need to cancel the order. And eventually, this will result in the waste of your delivery person’s time and your grocery supplies.

But with Magento 2 order delivery date extension, this situation can be a bit different. In such scenarios where customers make urgent plans, they can simply reschedule their deliveries before a few minutes and hours (as defined by the admin). They can add the date and time as per their convenience resulting in no loss for anyone. Additionally, admin and customers can track the deliveries in real-time. Giant companies like Instacart use delivery solutions for grocery deliveries.

Manufacturing Industry
For manufacturing industries, delivering raw materials on time is essential. A single delay in delivery can hinder the entire production process resulting in a delay of final delivery. But the delivery date scheduler can help you to deliver the raw materials on time.

With this extension, your customers (retailers/wholesalers) can easily pre-order their delivery by setting the date and time of their convenience and tracking it in real-time. As an admin, you can maintain delivery records of every order with the customer’s name, items purchased, and the delivery person. How? With a smart admin dashboard. You can filter these records and check all the delivery details for any order anytime. This all helps you to manage delivery staff, their vehicles, and material supply according to the requirement.

You can even configure the order processing time and product costs. Also, removing shipping charges for specific products is possible.

Installing Magento 2 Delivery Date Services can help in increasing customer satisfaction for your company. Magento 2 order delivery date scheduler can raise the engagement and sales stats. On-time deliveries can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can manage your deliveries more effectively with delivery lead time. Through the delivery date manager, the delivery person can access all the customer’s details. Details from name to transaction amount can be accessed through the mobile phone itself. There are facilities like barcode scan payments too.

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