Niche Marketing – How To Make Money Online At Home In Just A Click Of A Button With Email Marketing

Email marketing is one form of direct marketing which uses the electronic mailing system to communicate with potential or current customers. In the online niche market business, this is regarded as one of the most important strategy to maintain the relationship with your mailing list and to directly promote your product to the recipient.

You treat the subscribers from your mailing list as VIPs as they could be converted from readers to potential customers. When neglected or not treated watchfully, subscribers could possibly choose to unsubscribe and this will directly affect the number of prospects for future product launching. Here, I am writing a few guidelines of how to successfully implement the email marketing strategy to communicate with your subscribers and ensure their loyalty.

1.)Following up with autoresponder

To keep your subscribers happy and satisfied, you should constantly communicate and follow up with them upon subscribing to your mailing list or upon purchasing your product. Good follow up services will leave a good impression and show your appreciation to the subscribers. One recommended follow up Autoresponder software to use is AWeber.

2.)Broadcast emailing

The difference of broadcast emails to follow up emails is that a broadcast is sent to the whole lot of your subscribers in one batch (2-3 times a week), instead of the succession of emails that are being sent to all or targeted subscribers. Broadly, broadcast email could be categorised into two groups:

a.)Promotion email

As explained from the title, this email is aimed to promote products carried under your marketing scope, which could well include existing products, future products or affiliate products. To make it more attractive, discounts and bonuses are quite often included in the promotion email.

b.)Content email

Alternatively, this email consists of informative contents (Writings, Audio or Video) that you provide to your subscribers to keep them updated. The contents could be a self-produced informative publication or taken elsewhere from webpages like YouTube, EzineArticles and BlogSearch.


It is often heard that “the money is in the list” which is very true. By having your own mailing list, you can rest assure that you will have a long term internet business that generates income for you whenever you send out a promotion email. The bigger and responsive list you have, the more money you can make with just a click of a button.

I do hope this article had been useful to you and spark your interest to join the proven online money-making industry with Internet niche marketing.

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