The Stages Of Marketing And Consumer Buying

Are you currently struggling to make ends meet in your business? Maybe it’s because of your lack of understanding of how customers buy. You see most marketing books show you have to get prospects to your place of business. But what most books don’t show you is how to capitalize on your prospects thoughts in order to close the sale more quickly.

The bottom line is that your customers are looking for different things in each stage of the marketing process. For example, the first thing that your prospects are dying for is to find a solution to their problem. To know how they feel, you have to do some homework. Go online and search in forums or newsgroups to see what your prospects are saying. This is way better than sitting around and doing nothing.

After you know what their problem is, it’s time to propose a solution for your prospects. Obviously you want to position your stance in a way that shows much favor for your product or service. Be careful not to be pushy, because your prospects won’t hang around for that. Generate a lead instead of trying to close the sale in your ads. Your prospects aren’t ready to buy right now, which is why you want to stay in their eyes by sending them helpful tips and advice on a monthly basis.

After you’ve done these two things, it’s time to finalize the sale. Be sure to offer a strong money back guarantee (and the longer the guarantee the better), and be available for any questions that your customers may have. After the sale is made is when “buyer remorse” starts to kick in, so you want to do whatever you can to eliminate this from their minds.

After you’ve kept your customer for about a month or so, send them promotional materials that are geared to get them to buy more. Your customers really do want to build a relationship with you, so you should take it into your hands to form a relationship with your customers.

Today’s cost of direct mail make it seem like an unattractive option, but there is one form of direct mail advertising that can help bring a “personal” feel between you and your customers. The form of direct mail that I am referring to is a postcard. Postcards are personal, informative, and best of all… cheap.

It costs considerably less than a full mailing piece, and it’s a great way to personalize the relationship with your customers. If you can do this, then I’m confident that you can build tremendous relationships with your customers.

Take these tips and use them to have much success in your business.

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